American Sabbatical

A song of the American Road
for two voices.

Peggy Muir, a Maine high school history teacher, and her artist husband Bryce, set off to tour America in August 1996. These are the daily e-mail dispatches they sent from the road, along with sketches, paintings, photographs, and other images they collected.

Peggy and Bryce traveled 29,000 miles in their Ford Festiva, from Popham ME to San Diego CA, from Neah Bay WA to Key West FL, stopping at historic sites and art museums, in city centers and remote boonies, places long heard of, or just found along the way. Taking back roads and following their imaginations, the Muirs tried to rediscover America past and present.

(All illustrations are by the Muirs unless otherwise indicated.)



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Peggy's Memos

With the help of her American Studies students and Sam Parker, Peggy has created a separate website for her road memos. This is the teaching access portal for our trip.

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Bryce's Journal

After we returned from our journey, Bryce continued to do daily illustrations and send e-mail dispatches from Bowdoinham. He began posting his illustrated observations to a website called Journal of a Local Artist, in October of 1998. If you'd like to see the latest dispatch from a Maine backwater, click on.

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